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Audiocenter SA315

Audiocenter SA315 15" Active 2 way Speaker
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Audiocenter SA312

Audiocenter SA312 12"Active 2-Way Speakers With Braincore Dsp
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Audiocentre MVP8000

Audiocenter MVP8000 Power Amplifier
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Audiocenter K-LA210

Audiocenter K-LA210 Active Dual 10" 2way Line Array & Dsp, 350+350+70w, It Is A 2-Way Active Dsp-Controlled Line Array Speaker
R 12 795.00

Audiocenter K-LA210 DSP

Audiocenter K-LA210 DSP Active Dual 10" 2way Line Array And Dsp 350w+350w+70w
R 18 495.00

Audiocenter K-LA28 DSP

Audiocenter K-LA28DSP Active Dual 8" 2 Way Line Array And Dsp 400w+50w
R 21 500.00 R 18 995.00

Audiocenter MVP8000

Audiocenter MVP8000 Pro Series 1200Watt @ 4OHM/CH Power Amplifier
R 8 995.00

Audiocenter MX 8200

Audiocenter MX 8200 Pro Series 200Watt @4OHM 8CH Amplifier
R 7 850.00

Audiocenter MX3200

Audiocenter MX3200 Pro Series 350Watt @4OHM Power Amp
R 7 395.00

Audiocenter MX4200

Audiocenter MX4200 Pro Series 200Watt @4OHM Power Amp
R 6 250.00

Audiocenter MX4400

Audiocenter MX4400 Pro Series 400Watt @4OHM Power Amp
R 6 995.00

Audiocenter MX6200

Audiocenter MX6200 Pro Series 200Watt @4OHM 6CH Amplifier
R 7 395.00

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