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Zildjian ZP4PK

Zildjian ZP4PK Planet Z Cymbal Pack
R 3 595.00

Sabian B8X

SABIAN B8X Performance Cymbal Set
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Paiste PST 7

Paiste PST 7 cymbal pack with 14" hi-hat, 16" crash, 20" ride with cusn8 bronze alloy formulation
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Zildjian ZBT 5

Zildjian zbt 5 cymbal set
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Zildjian S390

Zildjian S390 S-Series 4pc Cymbal Pack
R 7 995.00

Zildjian A20579-11A

Zildjian A20579-11A Custom Cymbal Box Set
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Zildjian A391

Zildjian A391 Box Set
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Meinl HCS131410S

Meinl HCS131410S 3Pc Cymbal Set + Free Drum Sticks
R 1 795.00

Meinl HCS141620

Meinl HCS141620 Complete Cymbal Set
R 3 495.00

Zildjian KCH390

Zildjian KCH390 Custom Hybrid Set
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Zildjian PLZ1316

Zildjian PLZ1316 Planet Z 2 Piece Cymbal Pack.
R 2 395.00

Zildjian PLZ4PK

Zildjian PLZ4PK Planet Z4 Cymbal Pack
R 3 595.00