Powered Mixer

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Rane RM6

Rane RM6 6ch Powered Rack Mount Mixer
R 7 495.00

Lane GMX 12/2D

Lane GMX 12/2D 12 Channels Mixer Sound Mixer Support Usb
R 5 495.00

Lane PMX-1260D

Lane PMX-1260D 12CH 650w Powered Mixer
R 6 995.00

Hybrid M12218DBT

Hybrid M12218DBT Powered Mixer
R 3 795.00

Hybrid M121200PUX

Hybrid M121200PUX 12 Channel Powered Mixer
R 4 995.00

Hybrid M8200PUBTX

Hybrid M8200PUBTX Powered Stage Mixing Console
R 2 295.00

Phonic Powerpod 630RW

PHONIC POWERPOD 630RW 300w 6 Channel Powered Mixer With Usb Recorder And Bluetooth
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Phonic Powerpod 750RW

PHONIC PowerPod 750 RW 500W 7 Channel Powered Mixer With USB Recorder And Bluetooth
R 9 495.00

Yamaha EMX5

R 14 495.00

Yamaha EMX5014C

YAMAHA EMX5014C Powered Mixer
R 19 995.00

Phonic Powerpod K12

PHONIC POWERPOD K12 Powered Mixer Has A Grand Total Of 12 Input Channels - Each Featuring 3-Band, Mid-Adjustable Eq, Gain Control, And More - As Well As A Built-In Power Amplifier With An Output Of A Staggering 1000 Watts
R 9 000.00

Hybrid SC12220P

Hybrid SC12220P 12 Channel Powered Mixer
R 4 895.00