Sound Deadening

Why Should I Put Sound Deadening?

Whether You’ve Got A Fully Upgraded Car Audio System That You Turn Up To 11, Or You Enjoy Playing Some Smooth Jams To Relax And De-Stress. For A Lot Of Us, Our Car Is Our Mobile Concert Hall. But It Can Be Tough To Get Into The Rhythm When Unwanted Noise Is Infiltrating Your Sanctuary From All Angles. From Wind Noise, To Road Noise, To Rattling Sheet Metal - Most Of Us Wish Our Car Ride Was A Little Quieter.

If You’re Here You’ve Probably Heard Of Sound Deadening. Sound Deadening Works By Adding Soft Materials Such As Mats Or Foam To The Metal Surfaces Of Your Car To Absorb And Help Block Unwanted Noise.

By Utilizing Sound Deadening Material, You Can Simultaneously Quiet The Unwanted Vibrations You Hear As Road Noise And Add Some Much Needed Thermal Insulation To Protect You From Extreme Heat During Those Summer Months Or The Blistering Cold Of Those Winter Ones.


Anatomy Of A Car Door

When You’re In Your Car, You’re Essentially Sitting In A Small Metal Room. And Unfortunately, Sheet Metal Is The Absolute Worst Acoustic Material That Exists. This Is Most Apparent In Your Car Doors Dueto The Way That Car Doors Are Constructed, Essentially Being Made Of Three Layers.


Outer Skin

This Is Material On The Outside Of The Car, Right Behind Your Front Quarter Panel. Unless You’re Driving A Machine From Mad Max, This Material Tends To Be More Flexible As It’s Built To Crumple In A Collision - Which Means Wind Or Even Your Own Door Speakers Can Cause Vibrations That Create Unwanted Sound. Your Car Door Might Be Great For Safety, But It’s Not Ideal For Car Audio.


Inner Sheet Metal

This Is The Rigid Metal Frame That Houses Mechanical Parts Like Window Cranks, Door Switches, And Door Speakers. This Metal Is Stronger And Vibrates Less, But Is Built With A Large Hole In The Middle So Mechanics Can Easily Access Those Moving Parts We Just Talked About. Ever Heard A Firecracker Go Off In A Mailbox? Ok So It’s Usually Not That Bad, But You’ve Basically Got Four Echo Chambers Surrounding You While You Drive.


Door Panel

The Door Panel Is What You Can See From The Inside Of Your Car. It’s Usually Thin; It’s Usually Plastic; And It’s Usually Held On With Flimsy Clips. You May Find S Foam Layer Inside. The Door Panel Isn't Doing A Ton To Keep Noise Out And Likely Is Making Noise As Vibrations Cause The Plastic To Rattle Against Other Parts Of The Car Door.


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DrArtex DCC60.2018

DrArtex DCC60.2018 6.0mm Competition Series Sound Deadening (Heavy Double)
R 3 495.00

Autofun ATF-HL19

Autofun ATF-HL19 3.0mm Sound Deadening Mat
R 250.00

Dr Artex DRA-CL80

Dr Artex DRA-CL80 Silver Series Sound Deadening Mat
R 240.00

Ice Power IP-SD2.2

Ice Power IP-SD2.2 2.2mm Gold Sound Deadening Mat (Each)
R 295.00