Lighting & Atmospheric Effects


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Hybrid Rotating Gobo

Hybrid Rotating Gobo 25W Rotating Gobo Fixture
R 2 295.00

Hybrid HLF1500

Hybrid HLF1500 Low Fog Machine With Flightcase
Call for pricing

Hybrid HLF1200

Hybrid HLF1200 Low Fog Machine
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Hybrid HH3000

Hybrid HH3000 Hazer Machine
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Hybrid HSV1200DL

Hybrid HSV1200DL Vertical Smoke Machine With LED’s
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Hybrid HS2000L

Hybrid HS2000L Smoke Machine With Led's
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Hybrid HSF 12.4

Hybrid HSF 12.4 12 Led Pixel Bar
R 2 895.00

Hybrid HMH 150

Hybrid HMH 150 Moving Heads
R 31 200.00

Hybrid HMH 285

Hybrid HMH 285 19 X 15W LED, RGBW (4 In One) Moving Heads
R 16 995.00

Hybrid HMH 6

Hybrid HMH 6 15W, RGBW, 4-In-1 Moving Head
R 5 195.00

Hybrid HMH Spot 40

Hybrid HMH Spot 40 40 Watt Compact Moving Head
R 5 195.00

Hybrid HMH 12

Hybrid HMH 12 Compact Moving Head With Ring Effect
R 2 595.00